About Us


Hello, I’m Chelsea

Mama of two cute little style bunnies, I launched Bowy Made in 2018 after the birth of my second baby girl. I was absolutely in love with baby accessories (I still am) and it’s this passion that led me to create luxe little pieces for both my girls.

I began by making baby turbans for my two and before I knew it, friends were asking me to make them for their little ones and people were stopping me in the street to ask where I’d purchased the turbans. Soon, orders began to flow in and with the growing demand, I realised there were was a gap in the market for baby accessories that are not only truly distinct but are also super comfortable and nurturing for bubs.

Fast forward to today and I’m so excited to see many little ones wearing our gorgeous and growing range of headwear and swaddles. Staying true to the Bowy Made ethos, I’m proud to only use the highest quality, luxuriously soft, ultra-breathable stretch fabrics that are boldly unique.

Designed to make a statement, each piece in our Bowy Made collection is comfortable enough to wear all day, made to stay in place (even with the wriggliest of bubs) and are super-easy to put on and take off.

Created with love and care, my dream is to see even more babies and young ones dressed in Bowy Made across the world. Because I know that this means more happy bubs and happy mamas.

But I do need to warn you – based on my experience and that of my customers, when your baby is wearing Bowy Made, you will be stopped everywhere you go, complemented on your bub’s style and showered in adoration. Yes, it’s all the warm and fuzzies wrapped up in one – and exactly what us new mums often need.

So please, take your time to browse through our chic collection. I’m sure you’ll find pieces to fall in love with. And if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.