Why Bowy fabric is the perfect fit for your baby

Uniquely designed for your baby’s comfort, our premium Bowy fabrics are silky-soft, ultra-breathable, with the perfect amount of stretch. With three little ones of our own, we know how important it is to choose fabric that is gentle on delicate skin, allows air to circulate easily and keeps your baby content and comfortable – around the clock.

This is why we set out to create our own range of unique fabrics – SoftLuv™ and our signature Ribbed Cotton. Fabrics that are soft to touch, feel amazing on the skin, and are designed around your baby’s wellbeing. 

This is softluv™

We’ve designed our signature SoftLuv™ fabric to gently caress your baby’s skin. Made from a blend of 95% viscose bamboo and 5% elastane, Softluv™ is highly breathable, super-stretchy and lightweight.

Responsibly sourced from the natural raw material, cellulose, our viscose has a beautiful silk-like feel and is exceptionally absorbent, allowing air to flow freely through its fibres. This, in turn, enables a natural temperature control, ensuring your baby always feels comfortable.


Our Softluv™ fabric is made from a blend of 95% viscose bamboo and 5% elastane. Viscose is known for its silk-like softness and smooth texture. It’s incredibly comfortable and also allergen-friendly, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Our signature fabric is made from a blend of viscose bamboo and elastane. The elastane greatly enhances the stretchability of the fabric.

Viscose is exceptionally absorbent, drawing moisture and heat away from the skin and enabling air to circulate freely through its fibres. This, in turn, enables a natural temperature control, helping to ensure your baby always feels comfortable.

Yes. Please find laundry care instructions below.

  • Wash in cold water
  • Wash inside out on delicate setting or in laundry wash bag
  • Avoid washing with other abrasive items (buttons, zips, velcro)
  • Lay flat in shade to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Keep away from rough/sharp surfaces to avoid balling and accidental holes


Our signature ribbed cotton is tailored for comfort, stretch and breathability. Made from 100% Cotton Elastane, this fabric is designed to keep your baby snug, with an amazing stretch to ensure maximum wear.

Ethically sourced, our cotton elastane is made from very fine fibres, giving our fabric a super-soft feel. It’s also excellent at drawing heat and moisture away from the body, which then evaporates through the fabric, allowing your baby’s skin to breath.

We use our premium ribbed cotton throughout a range of our onesies and headwear. With a slightly heavier feel than SoftLuv™, our ribbed cotton ensures your little one is always deliciously comfortable and cosy. 


This is because the cotton fibre used to make our ribbed cotton is super fine and soft. Naturally, this results in a deliciously soft fabric. 

Our ribbed cotton is highly absorbent. It naturally wicks moisture away from the body and allows air to flow through the weave of the fabric. This, in turn, allows heat to escape quickly, and helps to keep your baby’s temperature regulated. 

Our ribbed cotton is a versatile knit which is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Characterised by its vertical lines of raised and lowered rows, the combination of these elements give the fabric incredible stretch and great recovery.

Our fabric isn’t organic, however it is responsibly and ethically sourced. It is also non-toxic.